To assist hospitality program students achieve their goals of a successful career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry, there are an array of resources to explore. Greater Boston and New England area students who become members of HSMAI are able to join at an exceptional rate and capitalize on amazing advantages for their future career:

  • A competitive edge:  industry contacts, business experience and key industry knowledge to build job opportunities and a successful future in the hospitality industry
  • Expanded Curriculum:  HSMAI programs and education that will complement academic learning
  • Leadership Building Experience:  Learning and practicing your important role as a leader in your local HSMAI chapter or in your collegiate chapter
  • Mentoring:  Connect with today’s industry leaders through chapter and program participation
  • Industry Experience:  Internships, job fairs, and participation in HSMAI chapter boards and programs
  • Scholarship Opportunity:  Scholarship opportunities offered annually by the HSMAI Foundation
  • Industry Discipline Specific Education:  Exclusive access to extensive online Knowledge Center resources

Student Resources at HSMAI.ORG

In the Student section of HSMAI.ORG you will find the following informational links:

  • Hospitality degree programs
  • Internship opportunities in sales and marketing throughout the US
  • Scholarships available from HSMAI
  • An exclusive Webinar for hospitality students, sponsored by InterContinental Hotels Group.
  • An exclusive Download of related resources and recommended reading

Collegiate Memberships:

  • Student Memberships:  $70/Year – is extended up to 3 years after graduation if membership does not lapse
  • Faculty Memberships:  $100/Year

Interested in started a collegiate chapter at your college or university?  Please contact:

Greg Bodenair, Boston Chapter President at