We are pleased to have the following students participating with HSMAI Boston as part of our Boston University student chapter.

Carol Jimenez, 2017


Why do I HSMAI? – I HSMAI because it makes me feel in control over my undergraduate studies, giving me the chance to take on a leadership opportunity without being overwhelming, and at the same time giving me opportunities to connect with industry professionals. 

Kate Acheson, 2018

VP, President-Elect

Why do I HSMAI? – I HSMAI because I am passionate about both marketing and hospitality, and HSMAI puts those two interests together and gives me the opportunity to network and talk to professionals!

Emily Tsai, 2017

Director of Communications

Why do I HSMAI? – I started off as a communications student, but I realized it is not what I want to do. Therefore, I transferred to the School of Hospitality, which turns out to be an industry I love. Although event planning is the main reason I transferred to hospitality, I got to learn and understand more about marketing after joining HSMAI. Then I started to realize that marketing is very important in the industry. HSMAI also allows me to meet other students from other chapters and professionals, which allow me to get more involved in the industry. And, this is why I HSMAI!

Jonathan Caflun, 2017

Director of Social Media

Why do I HSMAI? – HSMAI is an extensive and important professional organization that I feel will help to launch my career in hospitality. This organization gives members so many opportunities to educate themselves, network, and explore all facets of hospitality sales and marketing!

Zixuan Guo, 2019

Director of Finance

Why do I HSMAI? – My personal values consists of caring and generosity; by sincerely providing memorable service to others in hospitality industry, I get the great sense of fulfillment. I wish to work in sales and marketing because I enjoy the achievement and recognition when I successfully promote my products to others